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Juan Puche Pajares (Member of the administration board and Environment Manager): Agricultural Engineer with 22 years of experience. Director of occupational training projects for restoration and environmental education for the Ministry of Agriculture, Nutrition and Environment (MAGRAMA) and the Autonomous National Parks Authority (OAPN). Coordinator-author of environmental publications (OAPN). Coordinator-speaker on restoration of degraded spaces, digital cartography and Geographic Information Systems, environmental training program (CENEAM, OAPN and MAGRAMA). Advisor at CIUDEN Foundation for the environmental recovery of degraded areas by coal mining. Director of the UPD National Heritage (Ministry of the Presidency). Adviser in cultivation and processing of outbreaks under controlled conditions. He shares his activity with pistachio crops management, Integrated Plague Management adviser and coordinator-author of environmental publishings for 7Editores, SL.

Jesús Luis Molina Delgado: (Technical Coordinator and Director of Geology) with more than 27 years of experience in research, prospecting, resource and reserve estimation, quality control and exploitation of mineral resources in Spain (among other Compañía Andaluza de Minas S.A.), Morocco, Algeria and Angola. Outstanding knowledge of the Minas de Alquife iron ore deposit and extensive experience in geology of iron ore deposits, complex sulphides, gold, cement raw materials, aggregates, industrial clays and ornamental rocks. Extensive experience in hydrogeology in mining exploitation and aquifer management. Experience in geophysics, mining and hydrogeological drilling campaigns.

Luis López Fraile Lawyer specialized in administrative law, town planning, environmental and civil and commercial business consultancy with extensive experience in the mining sector, where he has worked for the major manufacturers of cement, aggregates and industrial minerals of Andalusia. Since 2012 he leads the management of the Fundación Minas del Marquesado.

Rosario Navas Cobo (Mining Engineering and Technical Engineering of Public Works): She has been working for a year on the development of projects related to compliance with the AAU (Unified environmental authorization) of the Minas de Alquife (deviation of the Rambla de Lanteira) and connecting road between the mining exploitation and the highway A92, among others. Knowing of the mining region and its problematic (resident of the Comarca del Marquesado). Specialist in operation of Autocad, MDT, Geographic Information Systems and Structural Calculus).



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